Spray Paint

by Copout

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released June 16, 2015

Uri Hertzwolf - Guitar / Vocals
Omer Kimhi - Bass / Vocals
Nir Schlezinger - Drums / Vocals

Recored & Mixed by Gad Terrorfranca at The Koro
Master By Daniel Husayn
Artwork By Kuki Ariel



all rights reserved


Copout Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Copout is a new punk band with ex-members of Fourfunzies.
The band is about to release its first 7" via toanol records.
Stay tuned!

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Track Name: Oh No!
Oh no!
i'm running late again
dont even know where to begin
the pressure's building up inside my head (its building up)
can't work with deadlines, when all the lines are dead

Procrastination is the one thing i do great
if that's important, man, well, it'll have to wait
a long fucking time..

why can't i focus my mind?
why can't i stop time?
Track Name: Where Is Your Mind?
Can't find a reason to go outside my bed
This world is going mad
Can’t shut my eyes to sleep,
I blink again and i'm still a part of it

I got no place inside my stupid head for another thought
Im sick of this cold heart society

Where is your mind?
Track Name: No Justification
All i can think of is a better place to be in than here
All i can feel is the routine trickling through my ear

coping every day, every fucking week
what else have i got to do with this
they keep feeding me with lies
they keep wasting all of my time

values have never been here before
there's no justification for this kind of behavior
when did everybody stopped using their heads?

will you keep complaining over and over again
will you keep your mouth shut or will you make a stand
Can you take the wheel and turn it around
when you're not even standing on solid ground

values have never been here before
there's no justification for this kind of behavior
so shut the fuck up , make a stand for your goals
if you believe in something and you care
make your voice be heard, make a change
dont be scared.
Track Name: Fools Paradise
Fools Paradise
Why am i so jealous,
i got what i want,
what can i do?
Why i don't know what to do,
to do with my self,
to do with my thoughts

Can you feel the pressure building up? the heat is going on
this place’s a mess
Can't put this shit together,
the parts are falling apart
come pick me up,
im falling down (im falling)

Can you help me I need a fix
I’m feeling down,
down in the dumps
My friends think i'm alright,
well, they dont know shit
Im living in a fools paradise
Track Name: Nothing To Lose
They know me everywhere
In every corner they speak my name
Punk rock is a way of life
but I’ve been here for too long
Wasting my life

I wont look back, i wont lose hope
Im gonna stick to my dream, even when im old
I dont want to grow up
I’ll stay young till i die
Maybe when I'm 40 i will make up my mind

Can i make it?

Its not enough to be well known
I'll have to work out like i've been told
What am i going to do with myself
I got nothing to lose
I got nothing
Track Name: Hypocrite
Take your mask off,
you hypocrite!
Judging me by my past mistakes
You got a crown
but im no fool,
i wont listen to your rules

Your disguise,
doesn't work on me
I know the real you
You wanna be just like me

This playground is yours
and you're blinding everyone.
You're crashing down, i'm rising up,
your reign of bullshit is done
And i can see clearly through the haze, that one day ill be the one

Your fame is fake,
and your friends are too
I rather be a jester
than to be like you
Track Name: Tied Down
Tied to the ground
trying to let you go
this time is less hard
than it was before
i should’ve given up on this, on you

Telling myself i was wrong, but im not
I cared for you, , more than you’ll ever know
what was that for?
A fuck, a fame, or maybe it was just a frame,
in your head
Well, you captured all of me, you got me fooled
but i’m not gonna stay, a minute here with you

I should have left you in the streets a little more
So you’d be thankfull for the air you’re breathing
A posion that feeds your brain
A posion that run’s through your fuckin’ veins
every day

Tied down to the ground,
but this time im getting up
Im not gonna stay
Im gonna make things turn around
I will fill you with regret
I will make you think again